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Bosun's Whistle

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MSRP: $20.00
Our Sale Price: $11.47
You Save: $8.53 (43 %)
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Item Number: OSF-Bosun
Manufacturer: Old South Firearms
Manufacturer UPC Code: OSF-BW
The Boatswain's pipe or Bosun's whistle dates back to the 13th Century where it was used aboard the transport ships of Crusaders traveling to and from the Middle East. The whistle, unlike a human voice, can be heard over the sounds of the wind, sea, animals, and the voices of others.

A narrow tube called a gun, directs air over a brass sphere, called a buoy, with a hole in the top. If held properly, this whistle can produce several distinct pitches. These whistles are still used for signalling today.

Perfect as a security or signal whistle, or just as a novelty key chain.

Comes with a 2 1/2" chain and D Ring keychain,

These whistle make great self protection item for hiking, camping and boating.

Made from brass and copper
Total length is 3 3/8" x 3/4" W.
Keychain attached

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